The Columbia Hotel was originally five large Victorian town houses, built in 1856-57. The buildings were part of a large development plan which saw the construction of two long terraces of houses overlooking the park. Professional people, merchants and aristocracy occupied the houses with their families and servants. With large rooms, balconies and contemporary decorative features, the houses were highly valued by the rich and successful.  The development stands alongside Hyde Park Gardens as one of the two grandest of the 19th-century housing schemes lining the northern side of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.

Since then the building has been a Red Cross Hospital in World War I, then becoming the Columbia Club, which was used by the United States Air Force as their London Officers' Club from 1956 to 1975.  The Columbia Club was designed to provide billeting facilities for transient military officers and quickly became one of the finest and best known officers clubs in Europe.

The Columbia Club was converted to The Columbia Hotel in 1975 by the Rose family. Throughout the 80s and 90’s the hotel became a favourite stop for many Top of the Pop performers and out of town bands beginning their music career in London. We’ve hosted the likes of Simple Minds, Oasis, Scissor Sisters, Slade, Stereophonics and Kings of Leon to name but a few.

Over the last four generations the Columbia Hotel has continued to be run by the Rose family, who look forward to welcoming you to their hotel.